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Dei Strategic Planning AND Implementation

If you are ready to develop a truly holistic approach to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), then let's start at the beginning where all significant goals and metrics are determined– your organization’s strategic plan. Working with your leadership team, we will conduct a series of strategic planning sessions that will enable your team to define DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) for your organization, determine your current state, develop valuable and realistic DEI goals, and create a systematic plan to achieve and monitor these goals. 

DEI Workshops

While ideally workshops and activities should be part of an overall DEI strategic and systematic plan, they can still provide tremendous value as a stand alone. Here are just a few of the DEI workshop/ initiatives we can customize for your organization. 


DEI is recognizing the individuality of each person and not labeling and stereotyping based on our prior experiences. Sounds easy right? Not so much given how our brain processes the overwhelming amount of information it receives every second. Through a series of engaging and interactive activities, this course gets to the heart of understanding the power of these biases and how we can both individually and collectively create a more inclusive and productive work environment. This workshop is not about pointing fingers and reprimanding behaviors. Instead we create a fun, safe and informative environment that enables true understanding, honest dialogue, and conscious change moving forward.


Most individuals and organizations recognize the importance of mentorship and sponsorship, but few companies effectively implement one or both well. Through a series of carefully designed sessions, we will help you develop a path for successful mentorship and sponsorship that will ensure ALL individuals are getting the appropriate professional support.


Let’s suppose you have just completed a round of promotions and you have finally hit 50% gender equality in your leadership team! That’s cause for celebration AND an opportunity for these women executives to have meaningful discussions with upcoming potential promotes about gender equality, professional progression, and potential obstacles. Whatever, the DEI topic need, we can develop customized Interactive workshops to celebrate success to date and continue the momentum.

Dei Leadership Coaching

No matter your professional or personal journey, learning to be an effective champion and sponsor of DEI practices will improve every aspect of your life. Working together we can help you achieve your own personal and professional DEI goals. Some examples may include:

  • Identifying and conquering personal biases that may be holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

  • If you are a DEI professional, ensuring that you have the ideal strategic and systematic plan to optimize your professional impact.

  • Effectively addressing biases in your workplace and/ or personal life.