What our clients have to say


"As the Program Lead for North America Strategy Diversity and Inclusion for Accenture, Michelle continually demonstrated her unique ability to successfully drive a cohesive agenda for our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative—handling all aspects of the program from co-creating with leadership the strategic direction, to overseeing the myriad of execution details, to ensuring the successful delivery of all aspects of the program. 

She was able to engage a strong network of employees as volunteers who helped deliver many of the programs we designed which is a testament to her leadership capability.  As a result of Michelle’s work, we were able to improve our diversity and inclusion metrics by the targeted amount and created great positive buzz throughout the Strategy Practice. 

Ours was the model that the rest of the Accenture organization emulated.  I wholeheartedly endorse Michelle."

— Deborah brecheR, Accenture NA Strategy Managing director

"Michelle was incredible!  She listened to the presenting issues within our agency’s processes and offered an organized approach to solving the problem.  

Michelle’s facilitation empowered our staff by allowing this diverse group of people to work together to identify bottlenecks, agree on solutions, and implement the changes. Staff are now communicating more often and more effectively with improved accountability. Through Michelle’s process we were able to create an entirely new and productive dynamic between three core areas of our agency, which has encouraged an overall change in attitude and focus for our teams.

These team improvements have maximized staff time and shortened our billing cycle, enabling us to serve more clients."

— paul blatt, executive vice president and coo, jewish vocational services of detroit

"As a two-person company, it didn’t seem obvious that I needed help with diversity, equity and inclusion.  But when I reached out to Michelle with a personnel issue, she helped me identify the greater issue: I needed diversity of thought. Michelle helped me identify the activities that I excel at and/or enjoy in order to identify my company's real needs. From there, she helped me determine the right person to give me the support necessary to run my company. Turns out, I was subconsciously looking to hire another "me" while what I really needed was someone to fill in the gaps rather than be a shadow. It was a joy and delight to work with Michelle from beginning to end!"

— pamela victor, president/founder, happier valley improv company